SenZe Bi - A case study

Let there be intelligence

Everything is made of data.But most often inaccessible data.Even a simple press of a button generates valuable information that can change the face of a business.Unfortunately retrieving such data is very difficult and was probably out of the question until SenZe.


SenZe is a patented plug and play business intelligence solution that aims to collect data from places where it exists but remains untapped.
There are many devices and machines that generate a mountain of data that goes under utilized primarily due to lack of connectivity or smart sensors.
SenZe can do amazing things
Take raw unordered data
from anywhere.
Sort and make sense
of the random data.
Help you position better
and gain profits


SenZe retrives data from many places using its extended hardware eco system that comprises of SenZe modules that are

1. Pressure based

2. Touch based

3. Proximity based

4. Motion based

All the data comes to one place where they are put together and made sence of using our smart algorithms

SenZe is primarily used in

Process industry


Marketing & advertising


Consumer electronics

Being a BI solution with vast potential SenZe can be used in a wide variety of places and different industries. Some real life use cases are coffee machine, elevator buttons, manage conveyor belts based on the exerted pressure, over machines without sensors, on surfaces/places without any connectivity but certain interactions such as touch occurs often. eg:- A door handle


Gather intelligence from physical environments that are not smart by Non-Instrictive plug and play means
Hardware that can be as this as paper.SenZe can take different shapes,size and forms
Can be custom-tailored for any industry
Easy adaptaion and without any interaction

Improve different aspects of your business

Aggregate/ Inventory planning
Billing & count automation
Performance predictions
Strategy recomendations
Market strategy testing
Anaytics and insights
Feedback polls
Better asset utilization
Quick responses to live data